Making: Japanese Strawberry Shortcake Take 2

Petite Pâtissière

It is no secret that I love eating strawberry shortcake. I love cake, I love strawberries, I love sweet cream… so, I love strawberry shortcake! In February this year, I made a strawberry shortcake for the first time for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day and it’s turned into one of his favourite cakes to eat. When I was thinking about what cake to bake this weekend, he immediately jumped at the shortcake idea.


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Macarons in my oven

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Sorry for the recent disappearance act. Work has been pretty demanding of late. I’ve been in and out the country a couple of times and unfortunately the country I was at had blocked WordPress and several other blogging websites. T.T

I’ve been on a recent macaron baking craze lately. I have tried baking these cookies before several times but they have never turned out right. I have over and under mixed the batter, undercooked the cookies (resulting in cookies sticking to the cookie sheets and hence separating the feet from the shells), been too gentle with the batter, etc etc.. Those who have attempted macarons would know.

Tray of macarons

So I have finally succeeded in making these cookies (YAY ME!) and I am finally ready to share this recipe with you guys here.

No hollow shells!

Many recipes require aging the egg whites for at least 24 hours to get rid of the moisture, or require cream of tartar to stabilise the egg whites. But hey,.. I have tried making macaron shells without aging my egg whites and have even tried making them with eggs just out of the fridge and they turned out fine. I have never used cream of tartar to stabilise my egg whites. So there🙂

What I think is the most crucial part to making macarons is the part when mixing the egg whites with the almond/icing sugar mixture – this step is called “macaronage”.


In my first few attempts, I was too gentle with my mixture, folded my mixture slowly and with a very light hand. Little did I know.. I WAS WRONG.

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Cinnamon Rolls in my oven!


I have been wanting to make these babies for the longest time. I love bread. I love anything with bread. I love tearing bread into pieces and eating them bit by bit. I love cinnamon with sugar too. Whenever I think of cinnamon, I think of churros, I love those yummy deep fried sticks dipped in cinnamon and sugar. But when I think about the calories……..

Anyways, let’s just talk about these cinnamon rolls.

I made these on a weekday evening. These were quick to prepare since I already had all the ingredient in my kitchen. I have always avoided working with yeast because of the time needed for it to ferment, however, when I came across this 1-hour cinnamon roll recipe, I knew I had to try it!

My mum doesn’t like cinnamon, so I made nutella rolls with half the dough, and cinnamon for the other half.

They were quick and easy to make, and I had fun playing with the dough.

These are the perfect treat, and I definitely could not stop at one! I really like these but they are so bad for my waistline.

I can see myself making these again soon, but I will need to share them or else these will all end up in my tummy in no time!

Let’s make it!

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Pandan Cake in my oven!

Pandan Cake!
I baked a pandan cake today mainly because I had leftover coconut milk in my fridge.

Pandan yum yum

This is the first post I’m sharing on this new blog! This is a pretty simple recipe. If I can do it, so can you! I got this recipe from a random blog which I cannot remember.. I have made my own adjustments to the recipe and I hope whoever who reads this will be inspired to give it a try. It’s not that difficult, really.

Mmm yummy egg whites!

Pandan cake is a local favourite here in Singapore, it is like a pandan flavoured chiffon cake! Or an angel food cake made with coconut milk and pandan extract (which also gives its colour).
Om nom nom
I usually get a slice from Bengawan Solo whenever I am craving for it. But for some reason.. I can never bring myself to purchase an entire cake……. It just seems so.. overpriced….. Imagine paying $10 for a chiffon cake.. It feels so airy.. and so light.. and not worth the money. Besides, it’s so easy to make!
Come, let’s make it together!

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